Chancellorsville Outcome

While the Confederates were out numbered, they still went on to win the battle of Chancellorsville. The battle of Chancellorsville was said to be Lee's perfect battle. President Lincoln went on to say in shock "My God! My God! What will the country say?"

Outcome facts
  • About 30,500 casualites in all
  • About 17,197 union casualites
  • About 13,303 confedrate casualites
  • Lee won a battle in which he was out numbered five to two
  • The battle field conditions were very bad it was said to be a maze
  • Hooker lost because of miscommunication with his men
  • Union was shocked at the lost. Many people thought Chancellorsville was the turning point or a decisive win if they had won
  • The Confederates greatest lost of this battle in which General Thomas J ''Stonewall" Jackson was shot in his left arm by friendly fire and then died from pneumonia a couple weeks later. General Jackson was the reason why the Confederates won Chancellorsville.

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson and General Lee talking about the battle plan.

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