d at Chancellorsville

May 1-2
The real battle has started when Genreal Hooker attacks General Lee's men crossing the river. Lee soon plans surprise attack on Hooker's right flank. Maj. Gen. Howard's 11,000 men were unprepared and 4,000 men were captured without a shot. Later that night Hoocker led a counterattack at Orange Plank Road were "Stonewall" Jackson was shot by friendly fire.

May 3
Maj. Gen. Hill replaced Gen Jackson and led a massive assault on Hookers front. That afternoon, Hooker retreated to the United States Ford and into defense. Hooker's right hand man Sedwick broke through Lee's rear but he was stopped. About 18,000 men died that day.

May 4-6
On the evening of May 3 and all day May 4, Hooker remained in his defense, while Lee and Early battled Sedgwick. After breaking Early's defenses, Sedgwick foolishly neglected to secure Fredericksburg. Early simply marched back and reoccupied the heights west of the city, cutting Sedgwick off. When Hooker learned that Sedgwick had retreated back over the river, Hooker felt he was out of options to save the campaign, and on the night of May 5–6, he also withdrew back across the river.

Church house were Union General Schurz's men stationed at during the surprise attack from the Confederates.

The headquaters of General Hooker during the battle of Chancellorsville.


The headquaters of Union General Oliver O. Howard, at Chancellorsville until he was suprised by General Lee on May 2.

A picture of a cannon at Chancellorsville. The cannon was a powerful force during the civil war.

A picture of the Orange Plank Road were Hooker led a counterattack on May 2.

Battle Plans Of Chancellorsville

Lee moves toward Hookers right.
Lee's men have Hooker were the want him.
Hooker's man leave the battle as the losers after seven days of fighting

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